Meet 3 Odd Ducks - Concrete Artist


Vanessa, founder of 3 Odd Ducks, sees the artistic beauty in forgotten materials such as cement, wood, plastics and cardboard.  In using these often overlooked material to create unique works of art where each piece has a different story to tell, Vanessa wishes to share her craft with people who see beauty among the rubble.

3 Odd Ducks supports the Yellow Ribbon Project and she believes that everyone deserves another chance at creating the life that they aspire to. This chance does not come easy to ex-inmates, and that's why through her artistic medium of using concrete, she wants to bring their stories to more people, in hope that one day as a society everyone will be more accepting and inclusive.


During her workshops, you will get to learn:

- How to reuse your plastic containers or drink cartons
- The best and right way to cast concrete 
- Create one-of-a-kind moulds for your own projects at home
- More about her making journey!

Join her workshops here.  

Follow her journey here: Instagram | Facebook | Website



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