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Clamps & Braces is a duo of an occupational therapist and social worker who appreciates the value of woodworking and wants to share their experiences with passionate individuals. 

Through woodworking, they aimed to use this skill as a therapeutic medium and helped to raise individual's self-esteem and efficacy to achieve self-actualisation. The team is committed to offer woodworking as a lifestyle hobby and to bring back the spirit of creativity, design and DIY movement from the olden days by using mostly woodworking hand tools for their workshops.


During their workshops, you will get to learn:

- The different characteristic of wood and how to work around them
- How to use traditional woodworking hand tools 
- Usage of basic woodworking machinery
- Tips and Tricks from professional woodworker Clement from Clamps & Braces

Join their workshops here.  

Follow them on their journey here: Instagram | Facebook | Website



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