Meet Studio MU / YU - Woodworker


Lyn - founder of Studio MU / YU - believes in the unexpected beauty of wood and makes it wearable through slow made pieces – Wooden Jewelry and Bags - made with the intention to inspire the appreciation for nature. 

While doing her production at a local woodworking studio, she learnt that numerous pieces of wood are discarded, forgotten, and wasted along the production line.

This inspired her to conceptualize affordable and sustainable jewelry and bags for modern women; building on the values of minimizing waste and creating products that do not undercut and exploit workers.


During her workshops, you will get to learn:

- Basics of woodworking
- Tips and tricks of how to handcraft your own personal project
- How to use design in your projects to maximise the practicality of woodworking

Join her workshops here.  

Follow their journey here: Instagram | Facebook Website



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