Bookbinding - Leather Long Stitch
Bookbinding - Leather Long Stitch
Bookbinding - Leather Long Stitch

Bookbinding - Leather Long Stitch

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Stacy Koo is a book binder who was exposed to book binding at a young age of 5 years old. She developed an interest since. The interest sparked off a series of international courses, spending time to study more and experiment about book binding.

In this workshop you will learn the Long Stitch and Link Stitch. We will use this centuries-old technique in conjunction with a link stitch to bind pages into a raw leather cover. Traditionally, this stitch binds pages into a "limp" cover, such as parchment or leather. You can decide to use your leather raw or stain it to make it sturdier and colorful.

What you will learn:
Link stitch and long stitch
-Handling leather and preparing leather covers
-Sew signatures onto the covers
-Attachment and construction of closures


Friday, 16 August 2019 | 7pm - 10pm

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