Join The Maker Girls in our Movement!

Two maker girls, Vanessa and Lyn, experienced that producing a quality artisanal piece requires a huge amount of work, time and skill through their individual brands. They understand that in order to truly embody the value in their brands, they have to learn how to appreciate and trust the process of making, not just in themselves but in other makers’ products too.
Thus, The Maker Girls Studio is founded with the intention to build a culture of appreciating handmade pieces, whilst strengthening the local community by bringing fellow makers and people together.


- Community: To connect like-minded makers to collaborate and co-create new ideas, adding vibrancy to the local art scene.

- Education: To inspire and educate each individual to explore different materials in crafting.

- Perspective: We want to open the minds of everyone and let them understand that you don’t need to have a background in arts to be creative.

We are always looking forward and planning to grow bigger and stronger everyday, and this vision will guide us in terms of the collaborative workshops and makers that we will be bringing in.


Workshops that are hosted at the studio are specially curated together with each maker so that everyone enjoys the process of using different materials to make a product. Workshops will usually be conducted during nighttime or weekends. We hope through these unique workshops, we can satiate a long time desire to start a new skill.

If you are a fellow maker and wish to collaborate, send us an email here.