Hello, we are LV

"One day, we hope that we can be the LV of Singapore's maker community."

Lyn and Vanessa met in early 2018 where they shared their passion and dreams to realize that they have one thing in common - the heartfelt joy of meeting like-minded makers and the urge to know more about every maker in Singapore.

What started as a co-studio partnership branched into a passion project, in the hopes of instilling values and changing how people perceive each making process.


Lyn, founder of Studio MU / YU, believes in the unexpected beauty of wood and makes it wearable through slow made wooden jewelry and bags made with the intention to inspire the appreciation for nature. All pieces made are upcycled from discarded wood materials from various carpentry and designer studios in Singapore.

Vanessa, founder of 3 Odd Ducks, sees the artistic beauty in forgotten materials such as cement, wood, plastics and cardboard.  In using these often overlooked material to create unique works of art where each piece has a different story to tell, Vanessa wishes to share her craft with people who see beauty among the rubble.